#1- LOW-CALORIE OPTIONS Let’s face it, some mixed drinks are so enamoring to behold, it’s hard to imagine that 2 or 3 more could... TO DRINK OR NOT TO DRINK…


Let’s face it, some mixed drinks are so enamoring to behold, it’s hard to imagine that 2 or 3 more could hurt, but we all know the truth.  Many mixed drinks are higher in calories.  As a general rule, consider the findings on that state that hard liquor tends to have more calories, and are generally more than beer or wine.  Some more advice to think about is that when you order to not assume what is in the beverage, fruit juices are mostly healthy, but syrups are another story.  Processed syrups, most especially syrups made from high fructose corn syrup, will mean more calories among other things, like negative effects on your digestion.  Your waitress or waiter may not know if there is high fructose corn syrup in your beverage, however, if it is not made with 100% fruit juice, it’s very possible.  To add insult to injury, many juices, even contain high fructose corn syrup, but the hope in this situation, is that you can ask if the beverage is made with freshly squeezed juices, then you may be able to worry less.  It’s understandable that in the middle of a merry conversation with friends that you may not want to have a nutrition discussion about what you’re going to drink, however, if you plan to indulge and drink more than 1 or 2 of these beverages, you may want to make your subtle inquiries.

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No one wants the extra calories that drinks can offer, most people are not particularly excited about their prices either.  To be honest, if you were to prepare these same beverages at home, you could save your self a pretty penny, so why do we pay for these exotic refreshments?  There are many reasons, but one more common excuse is the distraction, many of us are looking to treat ourselves, we want to let loose and order what will make us most happy.  We’re not trying to be too calculated about anything we’re trying to enjoy the moment.  However, if we’re taking into account that fancy drinks can make a dent in our wallets; fancy coffees or chai lattes in the mornings, smoothies for lunch and then mixed drinks at dinner we may pay more attention to our budgets.  This may or may not be your particular routine, but think, if it’s similar at all, this is money that is racking-up rapidly.  It’s also good to mention that, if you prefer to drink more than one beverage in a sitting, these drinks will add-up as well.  If you’re looking to cut back, maybe consider ordering sparkling water, perhaps with some fresh fruit mixed in so you don’t feel totally deprived.  If you’re not quite this strong in resisting temptation, maybe start off by drinking wine or beer instead of hard liquor as we’ve already learned, these options don’t have quite as many calories.  Another way to cut back is to cut back, have a goal in mind of how many drinks you are going to have, and stick to that.

Mixed beverages are not necessarily the enemy and are beautiful to behold and enjoy.  Choosing to treat yourself more sporadically, and filling the void with suitable substitutions, can bear more reward.  Simply saying no at times is also beneficial.  Who knows, you may find that it’s more beneficial than you anticipated, both on your health and your wallet.  It’s great to treat yourself, but doing so less often may make you feel less guilty about your health and your spending.  Remember that if you can’t resist right off, at you can at least make sure that your beverage is made of fresh ingredients!  Enjoy!        

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