Say Hello to the Guinea Pig: Ecuador’s Signature Dish
If you’ve ever visited a foreign country and gotten a taste of the local cultures, then you may have...
Kolkata’s famous foods
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My Father’s Recipe For “Selsko Meso”
The one and only dish that I can’t say “no” to even If I have eaten before is “Selso Meso”. But when my father makes it. Yes, it is special, and he always brags about it by saying that it is cooked for 7 hours and eaten in 7... Read more
The Best Macedonian Desserts
Macedonian cuisine is not only rich with meals but also desserts. Yes, you can find so many different ones that you won’t be able to try them if you are visiting just for a few days. This is because most of them are very sweet and only one piece... Read more
Exotic Foods to Be Wary Of
I like to consider myself an adventurous eater. I am always open to trying new or exotic foods that people normally would not want anywhere near their plate. Just like my wish to travel abroad to try different types of street food, I would love to travel outside of... Read more
Macedonian Traditional “Pindjur”
Macedonian dishes are always simple but very delicious. In fact, the key is to always use in season and local ingredients. In this case, “Pindjur” is made just from 3 main ingredients with garlic as a flavor enhancer. This recipe was made by Chef Boban Bilbilovski, a well know... Read more
Bizarre Foods in Venezuela
If we talk about Venezuelan culinarian aspects, we have to say that their food is really a mix of cultures, from Italians and Portuguese cultures that escaped the war and arrived in Venezuela to indigenous culture born and raised here. Venezuelan food contains a combination of a lot of... Read more
Bumpkin-South Kensington
The notion that British cuisine is bland, heavy, and all around inedible is a farce and in the past few years, the restaurant scene has become increasingly interesting. With London being one of the meccas of art, culture and food, you would expect food from all corners of the... Read more
Bhojohari Manna – Traditional Bengali Food at Its Best.
On my visit Kolkata I have always been amazed at the variety of food and love that our “City of Joy” can offer a visitor. Due to time constraints I only can experience a taste of home –made cuisine and it’s difficult to fit in the restaurant visits. This... Read more
Say Hello to the Guinea Pig: Ecuador’s Signature Dish
If you’ve ever visited a foreign country and gotten a taste of the local cultures, then you may have experienced some of the seemingly strange food traditions therein. What we see as normal to eat in America may not be normal in another country, and vice versa. This is... Read more
New Culinary Trends in Venezuela: Are they really ‘Culinary’?
Venezuela is a country well known for being rich about gastronomic culture. It’s mix of different culinary traditions from all around the world, where it’s very common to acquire new trends from everywhere and creating Venezuelan’s very own. We are going to see the current trends that are exploding... Read more
Bizarre Cuisine – Unique Food Experiences of Kolkata
 Every state in India would have something unique in its cuisine, which would not be available anywhere else across the country. Some bizarre food combinations, recipes which are unique to the region require to be re-visited by us. Let me take you on a small journey of my discoveries... Read more