Cream Cheese and Hot Dogs: A Seattle Specialty
Cultures can be confusing sometimes. One town over from your own, the people may very well be inventing a...
Dining with History
The truly unique experiences are the ones your least expect. It wasn’t until I started working at an operating,...
Say Hello to the Guinea Pig: Ecuador’s Signature Dish
If you’ve ever visited a foreign country and gotten a taste of the local cultures, then you may have...
#1- LOW-CALORIE OPTIONS Whoah, whoah hold the tomatoes.  Before you condemn us, we want to be clear; we’re not trying to take away your alcohol! It’s great to treat yourself, but It’s even better to treat yourself without any regrets on the other side.     While some mixed drinks... Read more
My Life Without A Kitchen – A Survivor’s Story
When we purchased our new house a few years ago, we knew there would be work to do. Since we’ve moved in, we’ve redone the bathrooms and had a new fence installed. The project that we are onto now is our biggest, scariest, most expensive, and most disruptive project... Read more


Articles March 2, 2019 0

In the modern world, thanks to the wonders of industry, one kitchen can contain spices from all over the world. And with rising health concerns centered around sodium, this is a colossal benefit. Salt enriches the tastes of foods, and processed foods are often loaded with it. So much... Read more


Articles February 27, 2019 0

If you tend to rush to work without eating, health wise, you should know that breakfast is a meal you shouldn’t miss.  According to, the average bedtime for adults is between 10 pm and 12 am and according to, the most common wake up time is between... Read more
Are Food Delivery Services Making Cooking Obsolete?
I wouldn’t go so far as to say that food delivery could make cooking itself obsolete, but the question begs itself: with the accessibility and convenience of food delivery and takeout options, why would people want to cook for themselves? See, food delivery not only expedites the time it... Read more
Preparing to host can be a daunting task when you feel pressured to do something special.  For those who haven’t hosted in a while, sticking to the familiar can be convenient, but what if there was a way to up the ante? You may be more familiar with what... Read more
Gut Friendly and Guilt Free
After years of being wired to overload on meat, dairy, and processed food diet it can be very difficult to transition to a diet of mostly fruit, vegetables, and grains.  Though this is no secret, it remains a mystery to many of how to bridge the gap to from... Read more
Why Microgreens Are the Superfood You’ve Been Waiting For
If you’re unfamiliar with this superfood, microgreens are pretty much exactly what their name implies. They are tiny versions of the leafy greens we buy at the grocery store, usually only a few inches long, and they look like bigger versions of plant sprouts. Given just enough time to... Read more
The Impressive Benefits of a Naturally Colorful Diet”
Essential to making easy changes to your diet in order to make it healthy and fresh, is sticking to a colorful plate. The benefits of a colorful diet are boundless. And one of the main reasons that this diet has been proven so healthy is that foods that are... Read more
Why Hasn’t the Mediterranean Diet Gained Widespread Popularity Yet?
Many will agree that sticking to a diet is essential to health maintenance, but it could be possible that we’re choosing the wrong types of diets. There are so many cringeworthy diet plans swimming around in the “health” world that it can become difficult to determine what actually is... Read more