Gather Your Family Together for Macedonian “Turli Tava”
When you crave for cooked veggies and meat at the same time the best dish we think of here in Macedonia is “Turli Tava”. It is a dish filled with different veggies and two types of meat, pork, and beef. To tell you the truth it is somewhat a... Read more
My Father’s Recipe For “Selsko Meso”
The one and only dish that I can’t say “no” to even If I have eaten before is “Selso Meso”. But when my father makes it. Yes, it is special, and he always brags about it by saying that it is cooked for 7 hours and eaten in 7... Read more
The Best Macedonian Desserts
Macedonian cuisine is not only rich with meals but also desserts. Yes, you can find so many different ones that you won’t be able to try them if you are visiting just for a few days. This is because most of them are very sweet and only one piece... Read more