Bhojohari Manna – Traditional Bengali Food at Its Best.
On my visit Kolkata I have always been amazed at the variety of food and love that our “City of Joy” can offer a visitor. Due to time constraints I only can experience a taste of home –made cuisine and it’s difficult to fit in the restaurant visits. This... Read more
Street Foods of Assam
Momos Although Momos weren’t native to Assam, over the last decade or so they have become a signature easy to grab meal, especially popular amongst youngsters In a hurry. Momo vendors can be found in almost every corner of the city ready to serve the hungry crowd. Being traditionally... Read more
Dining experience in Assam, India
Assam is a small state tucked into the north-eastern corner of India. The culture leans more towards community rather than individual. Food is considered an important part of Assamese life. Meals are had with the family. Guests are revered and are often invited to lunch to share a meal.... Read more
Bizarre Foods of Assam
Locust fry: Edible bugs have been known to be an enormous source of protein from the ancient times. The native tribes of Assam were no stranger to this fact and have had bugs in their diet since then. As such, the locust fry is considered a delicacy amongst the... Read more