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Bizarre Foods in Malawi – Southern Region

Bizzare Foods Feb 3, 2019 0

Welcome! Malawi is a beautiful country, full of rich culture, people and of course food. Malawi’s staple food is an odd concoction called nsima, pronounced “see-ma”. Nsima is made from white corn flour and is a porridge-like substance that... Read more

Interview with Jennifer Jayden an American Tourist on Her Solo Travel

Explore Malawi Jan 19, 2019 4

I am delighted to bring to you an interview with Jennifer Jayden, an American... Read more

Dining Experience and Food Critic in Malawi

Dining Experiences Jan 13, 2019 1

As is the case elsewhere in Africa, Malawi’s city cafes, eateries, and restaurants tend... Read more

Yummy: Malawi’s Best Street Food

Explore Malawi Jan 4, 2019 2

When traveling in Malawi, you can be certain of finding delicious street food throughout... Read more

Why are tourists coming to Malawi? Have you traveled to Malawi before?

Explore Malawi Dec 27, 2018 5

Malawi situated in the heart of Africa at the southern end of East Africa’s... Read more