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The truly unique experiences are the ones your least expect. It wasn’t until I started working at an operating,...
Say Hello to the Guinea Pig: Ecuador’s Signature Dish
If you’ve ever visited a foreign country and gotten a taste of the local cultures, then you may have...
5 Exotic Fruits and Vegetables That Everyone Should Try
As globalization increases ever more, it becomes increasingly easier to have access to food products that were once totally...
Say Hello to the Guinea Pig: Ecuador’s Signature Dish
If you’ve ever visited a foreign country and gotten a taste of the local cultures, then you may have experienced some of the seemingly strange food traditions therein. What we see as normal to eat in America may not be normal in another country, and vice versa. This is... Read more
Kolkata’s famous foods
Kolkata – our “The City of Joy”, the ancient British Capital of India offers our taste buds a beautiful array of various kinds of mouth-watering cuisine. Food in Bengal has been much influenced by its rulers through history…Whether it’s Mughlai from the Turkish rule during early 13th century, or... Read more
Top 10 Traditional Dishes of the Basque Country, Spain.
When in Spain, take a car, bus, or train;  buckle up and start heading North to the Basque Country  or País Vasco.  Once you enter Navarra, you will know that you are far away from the place you thought Spain was. You leave behind the hot, warm weather, tapas,... Read more
Top 10 Local Traditional Dishes in Venezuela
Venezuela, speaking about food and traditional dishes, is one of the most iconic countries in South America. Its variety and its very unique way of mixing ingredients can create excellent culinary sensations.  If you’re looking forward to taste Venezuelan food, you DEFINITELY have to try these dishes. Pabellón Criollo... Read more
Top 10 foods of Assam, India
Assam lies in the northeastern part of India. It has a tropical climate with undulating hills and wide-open valleys and boasts of abundant plant and wildlife. Assamese cuisine is characterized by the cooking habits of the hills as well as of its Brahmaputra valley. Here are top10 foods from... Read more
10 Authentic Traditional Malawian Delicacies
You just need to ask a Malawian about their traditional comfort food and most certainly they will scream “nsima with chambo” with no hesitation. The assumption that the first “cook” might have originated from Malawi, a country that can debatably declare to have invented cooking might actually hold some... Read more
Top 10 Nigerian Dishes
If you have the opportunity to come to West Africa and you happen to fly into the tropical country called Nigeria, you would certainly be in for a treat. Nigeria is very rich in culture and tradition, with over 527 languages and 1150 dialects, it is little wonder you... Read more
Top 10 local traditional dishes of Pakistan
Ammar junaid n Reema Junaid P. Read more
7 traditional Swiss dishes you have to try
From A as in Älpler Magronen to Z as in Zürigschnätzlets Traditional Swiss cuisine varies from region to region. In today’s globalized world, however, many once local dishes have become popular throughout the country. Read more