Welcome to the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world
Haus Hiltl in Zurich, Switzerland Do you enjoy quality vegetarian food, excellent service, and a multicultural selection? Then this...
Dining Experience in the Basque Country, Spain: SIDRERÍAS / CIDER HOUSES
If you are looking for an epic night of fun, history, delicious food and unlimited drinks, a Cider House,...
Zouq Mughal Restaurant in Rawalpindi
The Zouq Mughal is a restaurant situated in the scheme III Rawalpindi. It is a good restaurant for desi(traditional) food. It is a branch a food chain that is available in Middle East as well. In Rawalpindi, Zouq Mughal has two branches. One is in Commercial market Saddar and... Read more
Emerging Culinary Trends -A Twist in your Routine Diet.
It has been seen that 2018 has been a year of transition where people started opting for vegan culture and developing taste for proteins which are plant based and not meat based. We have seen people developing healthy habits for themselves and for the environment, switching to zero waste... Read more
Bizarre foods in Nigeria
We live in an interesting world and with so many different people and cultures, we are sure to find bizarre foods in every country. If I was to mention what I would call the top 5 bizzare foods in Nigeria I would have to say  in order of how... Read more
Bizarre Foods in Malawi – Southern Region
Welcome! Malawi is a beautiful country, full of rich culture, people and of course food. Malawi’s staple food is an odd concoction called nsima, pronounced “see-ma”. Nsima is made from white corn flour and is a porridge-like substance that is very thick and eaten with your hands. You eat... Read more
Top 10 Traditional Dishes of the Basque Country, Spain.
When in Spain, take a car, bus, or train;  buckle up and start heading North to the Basque Country  or País Vasco.  Once you enter Navarra, you will know that you are far away from the place you thought Spain was. You leave behind the hot, warm weather, tapas,... Read more
Culinary trends of Assam
Alkali preparation or Khaar Khaar is one of the most popular and quintessential preparation of households of Assam. The recipe got its name from the main ingredients that are used in the preparation which is basically an alkali made by burning banana trees/trunks from which ashes are obtained. These... Read more
Street Food:  Pintxos in the Basque Country, Spain
The Basque Country is not a very popular place for street food. Why? Because they have Pintxos to make up for it. A pintxo is a slice of bread with a small portion of food on top. It differs from a tapa because it is larger in size and... Read more
Street Foods of Kolkata
Kolkata – our “The City of Joy”, the ancient British Capital of India offers our taste buds a beautiful array of various kinds of mouth-watering cuisine. The city is termed as the “King” when it comes to its Street Food which is a contribution by the various rulers through... Read more
Interview with Jennifer Jayden an American Tourist on Her Solo Travel
I am delighted to bring to you an interview with Jennifer Jayden, an American citizen, female traveler in her late 50’s who has travelled solo in more than 15 countries in Africa and I met her in Blantyre, Malawi’s commercial city at Doogles lodge. Q: How did you start... Read more
Bizarre Foods in the Basque Country, Spain
If you are a vivid traveller and foodie you would know that sometimes the best of the food is not the most appealing. As famous NYC Momofuku’s Chef and owner David Chang said, some food are just ‘Ugly Delicious’. Spain, is certainly no exception. Here are a list of... Read more