Top 5 Espresso Drinks
            My favorite type of coffee to drink besides cold brew coffee is espresso. Iced, hot, even as a...
What is Matcha, and What Can it Do for You?
The past few years have seen a tremendous trend rise promoting the drinking of matcha, which, if you’re like...
Review of Coffeehouses in Downtown Morgantown, WV
Downtown Morgantown, WV, sits just below the PA/WV border. If you travel north about 60 miles, you’ll hit the...
Powerful “Fruit from Heaven” for the Whole Body  SANTA MONICA, CA (Sept. 24 2019) – GacLife, organic solutions by nature brand, today announced the launch of Gac Powder. Gac Powder comes from Gấc (Momordica Cochinchinensis), a bright orange prickly melon found in South-East Asia. Known as the “Fruit from Heaven”, Gac’s health... Read more
Doctor D’s Introduces Three New Sparkling Probiotic Flavors: Berry Lavender, Hibiscus Cooler, Lime Mint Mojito
Doctor D’s, a leading brand of live-fermented probiotic beverages, announced today three new refreshing and easy-to-drink flavors: Berry Lavender, Hibiscus Cooler, Lime Mint Mojito. The new flavors join Doctor D’s lineup of nine flavors serving to support digestive health and well-being and helping people to take control of their... Read more
Eclipse Launches CBD-Infused Sparkling Water
Portland Beverage Company Starts Strong With 1,000+ Retail Locations  Portland, OR, — Eclipse, the Portland-based CBD-infused beverage brand, today announced its product launch across the Pacific Northwest. The beverage, which touts 20mg of CBD per serving in three different flavors, will be immediately available in more than 1,000 stores... Read more
Why Hot Chocolate is So Beneficial For You
No matter where are we from chocolate, especially hot chocolate is one of the best drinks, especially when we are feeling down or when the weather is cold. In fact, Cocoa is one magical ingredient beneficial for our health. It is an elixir that boosts mood by reducing anxiety... Read more
The History of Coffee
Coffee is thought of today as the ultimate pick-me-up for those seeking that boost of caffeine to get the engine running! The rival to tea and other caffeinated beverages, coffee definitely stands tall above the rest. Whether hot, iced, or even frozen, coffee can be enjoyed in many ways.... Read more
Top 5 Espresso Drinks
            My favorite type of coffee to drink besides cold brew coffee is espresso. Iced, hot, even as a cold brew, espresso is what gets the job done. It can be enjoyed on its own as a drink, or it can be added to any other coffee beverage to... Read more
Cold Brew Coffee: The Unsung Hero
The process of making cold brew coffee is relatively new to the scene in comparison to other coffee brewing methods. I love all types of coffee, but cold brew coffee is by far my all-time favorite. The uniqueness of the brewing techniques required to make it along with the... Read more
What’s the Deal with Horchata?
Horchata is a recent pop-up trend that’s somewhat on par with the popularity matcha has gained. But if you’re like me and tend to need to do some light research to catch up to trends, then you might be a little confused about what exactly horchata is. Is it... Read more
Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee
Coffee is one of the most versatile food and drink products to ever exist. It can be enjoyed as a beverage or in some cases eaten in the form of chocolate covered coffee beans. In this article, I am actually going to cover some of the health benefits of... Read more
Coffee & Food Pairing: A Quick Guide
In my opinion, coffee is the king of caffeinated beverages. Whether hot or iced, cold brew or hot brew, it is simply hard to beat a nice cup of coffee. Coffee is one of the most versatile drinks out there! It can be enjoyed on its own or as... Read more