Cream Cheese and Hot Dogs: A Seattle Specialty
Cultures can be confusing sometimes. One town over from your own, the people may very well be inventing a...
Dining with History

Dining with History Hot

Articles Apr 11, 2019 0

The truly unique experiences are the ones your least expect. It wasn’t until I started working at an operating,...
Say Hello to the Guinea Pig: Ecuador’s Signature Dish
If you’ve ever visited a foreign country and gotten a taste of the local cultures, then you may have...
A Condensed History of Fruitcakes
Fruitcakes. Where would we be without this strange and mystifying food? What would Christmas or even Christmas stories be like without their existence? And moreover, does anyone know why they exist? These holiday-themed cakes are more like amalgamations of all your favorite Christmas flavors than they are any one... Read more
My Favorite Products: Trader Joe’s
Yes – I’m one of those people. I cannot hide my love for all things Trader Joe’s! From the produce to the frozen goods to the snacks and other goodies, I enjoy trying something new every time I walk in. Here are a few of my favorite products today.... Read more
Going Vegan Can Be Easy. Stick to the Staples.
Although it may seem daunting, eating vegan does not have to be hard. Sure, you have to cut animal-based food products out of the picture, which seems to eliminate a lot of foods we might normally eat. It might also seem difficult to make up for the nutrients you... Read more
Healthy Living

Healthy Living

Articles March 6, 2019 0

Healthy eating is a serious concern for many and there is no shortage of diets, studies, and advice promising to help you drop the pounds and slim up. From keto to paleo to the south beach diet, and from the plethora of diet pills to help you with that... Read more
#1- LOW-CALORIE OPTIONS Let’s face it, some mixed drinks are so enamoring to behold, it’s hard to imagine that 2 or 3 more could hurt, but we all know the truth.  Many mixed drinks are higher in calories.  As a general rule, consider the findings on that state... Read more
My Life Without A Kitchen – A Survivor’s Story
When we purchased our new house a few years ago, we knew there would be work to do. Since we’ve moved in, we’ve redone the bathrooms and had a new fence installed. The project that we are onto now is our biggest, scariest, most expensive, and most disruptive project... Read more


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In the modern world, thanks to the wonders of industry, one kitchen can contain spices from all over the world. And with rising health concerns centered around sodium, this is a colossal benefit. Salt enriches the tastes of foods, and processed foods are often loaded with it. So much... Read more


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Whether one likes to start your day with a hearty breakfast or not, breakfast is not only a meal that one shouldn’t miss but that can really determine your effectiveness in the day.  According to, the most common bedtime for adults is between 10 pm and 12 am... Read more
Are Food Delivery Services Making Cooking Obsolete?
I wouldn’t go so far as to say that food delivery could make cooking itself obsolete, but the question begs itself: with the accessibility and convenience of food delivery and takeout options, why would people want to cook for themselves? See, food delivery not only expedites the time it... Read more
Preparing to host can be a daunting task when you feel pressured to do something special.  For those who have hosted a while, sticking to the familiar could be easy; but what if there was a way to up the ante? If you are a novice to hosting, you... Read more